Atelier Karolina

An artist’s workplace is so often a place of fascination for those interested in the arts, regardless as to whether they are visual artists themselves, or those who just maintain an on-going interest in the arts. Alongside this interest is the frequently asked question ‘Where do you get your inspiration from?

In my case having moved from Darwin’s Rural Area where I was surrounded by wonderful animal life, especially an amazing range of birds, to a marina near the heart of Darwin City, I was not sure how I would be able to answer this. However, I need not have worried for not only is there endless activity on the marina, but there are also Burdekin Ducks, Cormorants and a wonderful collection of tiny finches who visit my veranda from time to time. That doesn’t mean I am only recording what I see, but rather it sets me thinking and before long ideas begin to flow and out comes the charcoal and ……

Inside I have a lovely space to work in when the weather is too hot or wet and outside a space where I can revel in the wonderful light – an artist’s paradise indeed.

Problems with a painting, which is not an old masterpiece?

Carolyn does restoration work on contemporary works for a local framer and she may be able to help you too.